Termux Settings

A-Z Complete Termux Commands List

Hello there, Now You Can Now Use Almost All Useful Hacking Tools, Text on Your Android Phone termux commands list…

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How To Change & Switching Termux 64 bit to 32 bit | No Root

Welcome to my blog, in this article I will write about how to change the termux environment on 64bit devices…

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How to Get Enable Extra Keys in Termux

Termux Extra Keys – When we use termux, when we have to use keys like control alt or up or…

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Customize Termux Header Your Device Info Details

In this post, I will show you how you can permanently remove the initial text from termux and add an…

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Display & View Images in Termux Terminal using Termimage

Termimage – Hey guys, I already wrote a post about how you can open image files directly in termux, but…

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How to Clean Your Termux Storage – Clean Termux Storage

Clean Termux Storage – So today I was working with Termux trying to introduce a new tool but I found…

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