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Create Your Own Dark Web Onion Website on Termux

In this article, we will learn how to host your own .onion dark web in Termux. In our Tor article,…

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Install Free Fire Phishіng Tool with Termux

In this article I will teach you how to hack Free Fire Hack using termux If you have this tool…

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Telegram Members Add Tool Other Group to Your Group in Termux

Welcome to my blog, in this article I will write about Telegram Scraper – Export members from a competitor’s Telegram…

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How to Install & Use Apache2 Server in Android Termux

Hello friends and welcome back to another new blog post. In the last blog post I shared with you, In…

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How to Hide and Charge Ngrok, Cloudflare Link in Termux & Linux

The MaskingURL tool is used to hide any links or URLs behind the original link. This tool is a free…

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