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Create Your Own Dark Web Onion Website on Termux

Create & Host Your Own Dark Web Onion Address Website on Termux (A Hidden Service on TOR)

In this article, we will learn how to host your own .onion dark web in Termux.
In our Tor article, how to create the dark web we learned how the Tor network works and how to use it. As we know, dark websites use .onion as domain extensions. Here comes the question, can we create our own website on Dark Web using our Kali Linux system? The answer is an easy yes. No port forwarding, no spending to buy domain names.

According to our step-by-step guide, we can host our website or entire web application on the deep web with an onion domain extension in 5 minutes.

HostOnion allows Termux users to host a hidden service on TOR with an onion address! This shell script uses your device as a server and temporarily hosts a website on Deepweb with a unique onion URL


What is the origin of the onion?

The onion domain is an IP extension used only by the anonymous Tor browser. This means that standard browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox will not be able to access sites using the onion domain, as they may not be able to navigate to streaming servers created by Tor.

There are thousands of different domains available, but not all of them are available to everyone who wants to use them. The .apple domain is another domain that needs a special requirement to get it. There are usually costs associated with registering and maintaining your chosen domain.

However, those with security knowledge and experience will enjoy the many layers of anonymity provided by Tor that are not available to most popular browsers.


Why Create an Onion Site?

If you decide to create an onion site, you are doing more to make it anonymous than anything else. Here you will find a random character unit consisting of lowercase letters with 16 numbers from 2 to 7. This series will allow the Tor browser to go to your server.

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Any useless domains you intend to create with a very significant name or two will be statistically expensive and resource intensive. Facebook only needed 8 characters to create the onion domain of our choice – facebookcorewwwi.onion – but at a higher cost of computer services. It can take a single computer over a billion years of random data to access the exact 16 characters you want as a domain name.

Yes, 16 characters is all these random strings can create. create dark web Nothing more, nothing less. This often leads to difficulty remembering the character unit, making it even harder for users to remember your website. It can also make it easy for malicious users to create the same but different domain, leading to further confusion for your potential visitors.

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However, it may seem like an advantage that you don’t have to register with ICANN just to create your own domain. There is no need to hide your information from “whois” lookups and your ICANN account will not be vulnerable to malicious hijacking. As an onion user, you have complete control over your privacy and your domain.


Tor browser and service

The Tor browser allows you to access the “dark web“, “deep web” or “hidden web“. I will show this using Termux and it is not installed by default. You can also install Tor Browser on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android.



Installation Tool on Termux

0:- Update and upgrade Termux, Linux enhances the word Avoid mistakes while installing HostDarkWeb Tool Identity by stealing sensitive information.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y


1:- This step is especially important if you don’t want to make mistakes while using the tool. This will add it git to termux which will be used when using HostDarkWeb. Once you have that, you can remove the name from the command during installation.

 pkg install git -y


2:- Now all dependencies are installed in your termux and now we can install the HostDarkWeb tool in termux using the below command. The file size of this tool is very simple, just copy and paste the command below and the tool will load in 10 seconds.

 git clone 


3:- Now convert your open source to HostDarkWeb if you don’t know the basic terms of termux then it is highly recommended

cd HostDarkWeb



4:- Apply the command Make Permission All files readable, compact, and efficient.

 chmod +x *


5:- Type the command below to Set up and use the HostDarkWeb tool and Create a Dark Website

• You Use Mobile Data to Dark Web Working, • But You Use Wi-Fi Router Data (if you use Wi-Fi router network check your Wi-Fi out of network working or not) And configure you router,
 bash HostOnion 

Step_1: after running the tool. automatically open this website and from here you can see how to run and install the tool.


Step_1: automatically download and Installing Dependencies requirement package.


Step_3: Enter Details to display on the Webpage (Next it will ask for your name which will be displayed on the dark web website here you can do any kind of text)


Step_4: Next Starting PHP Local Server. Now let’s check our hosted localhost website by going to in the browser.


Step_5: Then your file will be setup and Configuring Tor File & path or Port. and Launching Tor Service.


Step_6: Download Tor Browser. Now we can access this .onion website using Tor Browser from anywhere and any device. Read more about Tor and Tor Browser in this guide. create a dark web on all network

Open “Tor Browser” on your devices and click “Connect”. If for some reason it fails, click “Configure” and select Tor is censored in your country and use a bridge. That should fix it and then “Connect” again.

Step 7: The Tor browser may look like a normal browser, but it’s special in the way it handles your network traffic by routing it through proxy nodes. It also allows access to special “.onion” URLs on the “Dark Web”.

( We can now access the Copy .onion Link website via the Tor browser anywhere on any device. Learn more about Tor and Tor Browser )


This is a demo website for educational purposes, but we can host any type of website on the deep illegal web. But we should not misuse this to host illegal websites that violate our organizational rules. That would be a crime and we would not have to deal with that.


Pro tip:- Replace the HTML file with your own to get your webpage hosted on Deepweb !!

Replace the HTML file :

Upload your own web page :

To change the website’s HTML file, run this command again and add the folder location of your HTML file.

so in Open the termux terminal 2 New Session type the command: Now create a new session in Termux (swipe left and click new session)

 bash UploadWeb 

Enter Your Web File Folder Part :

Example: /sdcard/Download/web/ or /storage/emulated/0/Download/web/

After giving the location of the HTML file and entering it, this file will become run on the website, and on the dark web, you can do your dark web reload the page.




If you want to create your own DarkWeb, you should know these important things. You don’t need to buy any hosting and domain name to create your own onion website.

All tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only. We believe that termux, information security and cyber security should be familiar to everyone who uses digital information and computers.  The tutorials and videos on are only for those who want to learn about the Termux tool. termux tutorials are against misuse of information and we strongly advise against it.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.

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