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Display & View Images in Termux Terminal using Termimage


Termimage – Hey guys, I already wrote a post about how you can open image files directly in termux, but there is another method that will open your image file with a single command, but this method will not open your files in any image browser, but it will open your image file in text art format.

Dear friends, you are a Termux user and you want to open any images from termux, but you have not found a way to open any image file from Android Terminal (Termux). Then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will tell you about a package that can open any image in Termux. And the name of this package is Termimage.

What is TermImage in Termux?

Termimage is a simple package in termux that allows you to print any image entry inside a termux terminal in a text design. This order is useful if you want to print any image in the terminal. likewise now and again when we are using termux and working with different documents at the same time and in case we want to quickly look at the image record to check if it is the right one or not then this package can help us. Note here that it won’t show clear images if the image record size is huge. so it will work better with logos in front of the image you captured with your phone camera. In case you want to add your youtube direct or any logo to termux when you open any appointment then terminate can help you, as well as assuming you are making tools for termux you can also use this device to print something extravagant in the terminal.

Here it is important to keep in mind that you will not get clear images if the image file size is large. so it will work better with logos than with a picture you took with your phone camera. If you want to add your youtube channel or any logo to termux when you open any session then termimage can help you, also if you are making tools for termux you can also use this tool to print something fancy in the terminal.


What is Termimage and what does it actually do?

So termimage is nothing but a package in termux that allows you to print any image file inside the termux terminal in text art format. This script will not show you a clear image because we see the image in the gallery. This command will help you if you create a tool and you want to create an attractive banner for that tool. This command is very useful for instantly checking a file in Termux.
However, note that if the image size is too large, then this script may take too long to open that image. And Termux may freeze for a while. Therefore, do not use an image file larger than 1 MB.


Install the TermImage package in Termux: 

To use Termimage in termux you need to mount a small volume first and for that, you can use the lone command I gave you below. This is only a one-time measure, so once you install this package, you can use this order until you uninstall termux or delete termux application information.

The size of the termimage package is so small that it will not take much time to download. By just using a single command you can download and install this package in Termux. so the required command is

pkg install termimage

if you face any problem using this command, I suggest you use the pkg update && pkg upgrade command before that.


Use TermImage package in Termux: 

If you want to display any image in the termux terminal, just enter the below order and the image will be displayed in the termux terminal. Be sure to change the green part of the order with the name or image method.

termimage --help


termimage (IMAGE) 


  • termimage [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <IMAGE>


  •   -f, –force :- Don\’t preserve the image\’s aspect ratio
  •   -h, –help :- Prints help information
  •   -V, –version :- Prints version information


  •  -a, –ansi <ANSI> Force output ANSI escapes [possible values: truecolor, simple-black, simple-white]
  •  -s, –size <size> Output image resolution [default: 96×53]


  •  <IMAGE> Image file to display


Open the iamge file in Termux with Termimage : 

suppose we have a dinosour.jpeg image file in our Termux. If we want to open it in termux then we have to use the command

To select the image size use command

termimage logo.png -s 120x180 


To_select the background color use command

termimage logo.png -a simple-black 

To select the destination of the image

termimage /sdcard/Download/logo.png -a truecolor 



How to Use : 


termimage /sdcard/Download/logo.png 
termimage logo.jpg 




Termimage is a simple package in termux and you can use it for your projects. I wrote this post because few people know about this package. if you want to open image files in termux, this is not a good way. There isn’t much to talk about this tool, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and as always, be ethical.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.

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