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How to Hide and Charge Ngrok, Cloudflare Link in Termux & Linux

Ngrok, Cloudflare Link Hide and Custom URL Real Domain Link

The MaskingURL tool is used to hide any links or URLs behind the original link. This tool is a free and open-source tool that you can download from GitHub. This tool can perform social engineering attacks on victims. and hide all types of URL links like ngrok links. MaskingURL is a very useful tool and easy to use. This tool is written in bash. This tool is a bash script. The tool gives you the flexibility to use it as per requirement. This tool is a light tool means small. You can add your own URL after the original URL of the link. This tool was developed by JayKali, a group of ethical hackers. Maskphish is available as a console script. The user interface of this tool is very similar to Metasploitable 1 and Metasploitable 2, which makes it easy to use.

People are smart enough these days. They will not fall into the phishlng trap. Because the link doesn’t look like the original website. For example, a phishlng link might be like https://ngrok.io/xxabcd, but it will open a page like Gmail Login. People got into a trap and a user with minimal technical knowledge does not enter the credentials (username and password). So it’s hard to phish someone.

what to do then The answer is social engineering. The attacker must be sufficiently skilled in social engineering. What is social engineering? In short, social engineering is “bugs in human hardware”. The attacker plays with the victim’s mind and tricks them.

Hiding links in normal-looking trustworthy links is a bigger part of social engineering. Using this method, the attacker owns the victim’s trust and the victim treats the phishlng link as a normal link. Because a top-level domain (like Google, YouTube, New York Times, etc.) is considered clean.

About Masking URL: Hide Link

URL Masking is not a phishlng tool. It’s just a proof of concept of “URL creation technology”. It’s a simple Bash script that hides any URL under a normal-looking URL (googIe.com or facebook.com). It can be integrated into phishlng tools (with the right credentials) to look at the legit URL.


Features :

  • Support for all URLs and links!
  • Customize the link!
  • Easy for Beginners!
  • Hides the phishlng link inside the original link.
  • MaskingURL is a very simple and easy tool.
  • Maskphish can convert a phishlng link into a normal web link like Google or YouTube.
  • This tool is used to hide ngrok, and Cloudflare links to original links.
  • MaskingURL is a lightweight tool. It won’t take up extra space.
  • MaskingURL is a free tool. You can download this tool for free.


Warning: This tool is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the information provided in this post.


✅ Installation and Usage Guide : 

After installing termux, the next thing to do is to update your termux, Linux packages, you can do this with the command:

apt update && apt upgrade -y


After updating termux Install the base package on your termux. Installing a new git package in the termux command line tool that can be used to download files or entire web pages.

apt install git


Now Download and git clone the Masking URL tool to your terminal / termux and type the command below to your terminal termux. Hide Link

It’s a small and simple tool written in bash, named “Masking URL“. This tool is produced by us and is available exclusively on our GitHub repository. We can clone it from our GitHub repository using the following command to clone the tool from GitHub.

git clone https://github.com/OnlineHacKing/Masking-URL.git


When you list the contents of the tool, you can see that a new directory has been generated by the tool, which is the Masking URL. You must move to this directory to view the contents of the tool. Now just Open the Masking URL directory simply by using the cd command:

cd Masking-URL


Use the command below to make the Permission file readable, compact and efficient.

chmod +x *


Now you can run the tool with the following command. This command launches this tool and the tool’s help menu.

Version API 1 :

bash Masking


Version API 2 :

bash Masking.sh


Masking the URL will then open the main menu in front of us as a screenshot:


Now the tool asks for a phishlng link that you generated using any phishlng link generator, copy the link from that tool and paste that link here. Now we need to put our phishlng URL here, whatever it is (with http:// or https://).


Now you need to give the link that you want to be shown to the victim. Then we need to put in a trusted URL, anything that can phish the victim’s mind, like https://google.com or https://youtube.com or http://anything.com. How we did it in the following screenshot:

We want the victim to show instagram.com that we took it. also want to social engineer words like we got to get followers. Here we need to use some social engineering words separated by “” for example if the victim is a football fan then we can use something like best football skills so that we don’t use any space here. Hide Link


We open this trustworthy-looking URL (it also contains special juicy words for the target) in our browser if we reach our ngrok target (phishlng URL example). Press enter and then the link will be generated. Hide Link


⚖️ Legal Statement:

Using Masking-URL to attack targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. The developers take no responsibility and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Use responsibly!


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