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How to Install Wireshark in Termux Android Without Root

Install Wireshark

in this article, I will show you how to install Wireshark in Termux Android without root.

Wireshark Android is a very popular network packet analysis application. With the help of Wireshark Android, you can monitor what is happening on your network at a basic level, in addition, Wireshark is commonly used for network troubleshooting, packet analysis, etc.

With the help of this tool, you can capture and analyze network packets in real-time. Wireshark is the Ethical Hacker’s most considered tool.

Hey, what’s, In this post, I will show you how you can install Wireshark in termux, Wireshark is an Advance tool. Your phone doesn’t need to be rooted, yes it will work in non-rooted Termux, but you will need to install VNC Viewer for Android to use WireShark.

Wireshark is the world’s leading and widely used network protocol analyzer. It allows you to see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard in many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.

So today I will show you how now you can install Wireshark in termux for android users without root i.e. you don’t need rooted devices to capture android, network traffic, and also packet capture apps.

So now you can start capturing local networks, capture network packets, perform man in the middle, decrypt SSL, and much more and I hope you know how to use the captured data.


What is WireShark in Termux :

WireShark is the most popular tool when it comes to collecting data on the network, I know you must be thinking how is it different from Nmap? Well, with Nmap you can only find basic information like Devices on the network, BUT with Wireshark, you can literally capture live packets on your network.

As you know, all the data on the Internet is transmitted in the form of Packets, and if we can capture all the packets of a user in our network, we can analyze this data and we can find all the information. Like when a user login to a web page and you capture this packet, then you can analyze this packet and find the username and password of the user.

With Wireshark, you can capture packets, you can analyze packets, can filter logs, and can even scan an entire network, or can scan only a specific IP on a specific protocol. You can basically scan the entire network at a microscopic level.

Wireshark is an open-source network protocol analysis software program founded by Gerald Combs in 1998.
Wireshark is a packet sniffer and analysis tool. Captures network traffic on a local network and stores data for offline analysis. Wireshark captures network traffic from Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless (IEEE.802.11), Token Ring, Frame Relay Connections, and many more. Wireshark allows you to filter the log either before you start capturing or during analysis, so you can narrow and zero in on what you’re looking for in a network trace.

If you want to know more about the functionality of Wireshark, you can visit the official website

What does Wireshark do :

Wireshark captures traffic and gives people insight. This will help you quickly see what traffic your association is crossing, how often, how often, how consistently, the number of latencies between certain bounces, etc. Although Wireshark maintains over 2,000 association shows, an impressive portion of which is covered by current, odd, or outdated, today’s security professionals may find the most concise tool for disassembling IP packets.

A huge part of your association’s packets is normally TCP, UDP, and ICMP. Due to the high volume of traffic that passes through a typical business association, Wireshark tools are especially important to help you filter this traffic. Basically, channels are used to get the traffic structures you’re excited about, and channels are used to zero in on a busy time node you need to evaluate. The Protocol Analyzer Association provides search gadgets that let you quickly find what you’re looking for, including common explanations and hidden highlighting.


Requirements :

  • Termux App
  • VNC Views App
  • 200 MB Internet

Install Wireshark In Termux :

Wireshark has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) while in Termux we can simply launch the command line interface gadget. In order to run Wireshark on Termux, we need to introduce some mechanical assemblies to help us run Wireshark on Termux.

Follow the commands below:

Step_1:- Before installing anything we first update all dependencies in termux so we won’t face any error when we run wire shark.

apt update && apt upgrade 

This command updates our dependencies. Press Y if asked a question.



Step_2:- Now we will install the x11-repo package in termux because in this post we will use Wireshark GUI mode and for that, we will use VNC viewer and we need x11-repo installed in termux to use Vnc-Viewer. Just put the command below and it will be installed.

pkg install x11-repo 


Step_3:- Now we will install Wireshark in termux and also install all necessary tools to use Wireshark in VncViewer such as xterm, tigervnc, and tigervnc-viewer.

Install Required Tools – Wireshark has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) but we can only run Command Line Interface (CLI) tools in termux, we need to install some tools to help us run Wireshark on termux. This command will install all these tools one by one.

apt install xterm 
apt install tigervnc 
apt install tigervnc-viewer 

Some tools are Heavyweight so make sure you are connected to wifi Downloading these packs will require around 130MB of data. Just put the command below, all these packages will be installed.

apt install wireshark-gtk 




Step_4:- Now Wireshark is installed on your termux, but we will use this tool in GUI, so we need to install Vnc-Viewer for Termux. Just download it from Playstore or use the button below.

  • First, open Google PlayStore on your Android phone.
  • Search for VNC Viewer.
  • And install it on your Android phone by clicking the install button



Step_5:- You now have Vnc-Viewer on your phone. To start Wireshark we need to start Vncserver in termux, just type the command below and the server will start.


The first time it asks for a password, just enter any password (eg: 123456) and press enter (it won’t show you what you’re typing.) After pressing enter, it will show Verify: you must enter the same password here as well.
No, it asks “Do you want to enter a view-only password?” Just press n and hit enter

If you are running this command for the first time, it will ask you for the VNC password. You can enter any password, but you must remember the password you enter.



Step_6:- If you are running this request for the first time, it will ask for a VNC password. You can enter any mystery expression you need. In any case, you should review the cryptic expression you type.

Now we will export the view for VncServer. This command will create a Localhost server on your phone. Just enter the below command and hit enter.

For a GUI application to use the display, you must set the environment variable with export DISPLAY=":1"

export DISPLAY=":1" 


Step_7:- Check whether VncServer is running or not. If it is not running, you need to go to step 5 again to start the server. put the command below and you will see the list of servers running on your termux.

vncserver -list 


Step_8:- Open Vnc Viewer and press the plus sign + Given in the main menu. It will only create a new connection.

Now enter localhost:1 in the Address field. Remember that next time you start the server you will need to change localhost to 2 or 3. or You can check the vncserver -list for your localhost port. You can write anything in the name, but I will write Wireshark.

Now we need to run our Windows 7 on the VNC Viewer for GUI so follow the steps –

    • First, open the VNC viewer application. After clicking Enter in the above command
    • Click the “+” Sign to create a new connection, and enter the value as follows.
    • Then a dialogue box will open where you have to fill 2 items –
      • IP address
      • Computer name
  • Enter the IP address –
IP Address127.0.0.1:5901
Computer NameWireshark
  • Click Connect and wait for the connection to be established.
  • Wait for the boot process to complete, the boot process may take about 10-15 minutes for the first boot and 2-3 minutes for the next boot.

Now press Create and Vnc will connect to your termux application. Press the green Continue button in the Vnc app. Now Select the Wireshark On the list. Just press OK on the top right corner.

It will now ask you for a password to verify, just enter the password you used to set up VncServer in termux. I type 123456 and press Continue in the upper right corner.



Step_9:- Now drag from the top like you do to open the notification panel. and you will see a keyboard icon there. Click on the keyboard icon and the keyboard will open. Now_type_the_below_command_there and press Enter.


Now wait for 10 seconds and you will see Wireshark Opening Window. Now you can drag the screen to move the mouse cursor and you can use the tool.



Stop Wireshark or VncServer :

Open Termux and enter this command

vncserver -kill :1  



In this article, we learned how to install Wireshark in Termux Android. Read the entire article to avoid any mistakes. If you come across any errors, please let me know in the comment section. I will help you to solve the error.

Wireshark is one of the most useful tools available for hackers, it is the most technically realistic hacking tool. traffic capture and password hacking without any human interaction or any phishing and brute force are only possible with Wireshark. Sorry, it took me 12 steps to explain the installation, but I tried my best so that you don’t make mistakes during the installation. If you like the GUI in Termux you should check it out, if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments. Check out more posts on Advance Hacking. Thanks for reading guys and as always stay ethical


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.

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