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Install Metasploit in Termux No Root & Without any Error

How to Install Metasploit in Termux No Root | metasploit termux

In this article, we will learn how we can setup Metasploit 6 on our Android phones using termux without rooting the phone. Metasploit is a framework written in RUBY for penetration testing purposes in both ethical and unethical hacking.

Termux Emulator: In Linux, we have a terminal to run commands similarly for Android devices we use termux as a terminal emulator. It allows us to install a minimal package using the package manager.


What is Metasploit?

Metasploit is one of the most used frameworks. Metasploit contains more than 1500+ modules that bring functional penetration testing procedures, making the lifetime of the Examiner relatively easy. It provides a complete and effective penetration testing process, but as an Open Source Framework, it also provides a comprehensive approach to developing new and automated uses for various activities that reduce tons of effort and save a lot of time.

In this guide, we will learn how to install Metasploit in themes. Installing Metasploit in Themes is a straightforward process, but before we begin, we need to know about Metasploit.

Metasploit is a framework used to build, test and exploit. Metasploit is often used to detect risks in a system by performing penetration tests. If you want to be a moral crime, you should see the best Termux hacking tools.

Metasploit is a very important and popular hacking tool for cybersecurity professionals. Thousands of exploits are found in its database. This tool is used to perform hacking/testing on a targeted system. The program can be Android, MacOS, Windows server, etc.

Metasploit is an application used to exploit system vulnerabilities. Metasploit Framework can be installed on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. If you’re looking for a Metasploit payload generator, check out this Metasploit payload generator.

You can use Termux to install the Metasploit framework on your Android phone. It will be easier for you to carry such a powerful tool on your phone. If you are looking for Termux scripts, check this out.

We can’t carry our laptops everywhere to do a penetration test. But we can take our Android devices wherever we want, so let’s see how you can install Metasploit on themes.


Requirements :

  • Termux App
  • Minimum Space Required = 900 MB to 1.5 GB
  • Internet
  • Time 😁





Step_1Download the Termux app

  • First Uninstall Old Termux and Install the New Upgrade Version
  • First, open the Website / App on your Android phone.
  • Search for the Termux app.
  • And install it on your Android phone by clicking the Download button
  • And it will download to your phone.

Termux 0.118 Download


Install Metasploit on Termux:-

Step 1:-This is the second way to install Metasploit on install using Github. To install Metasploit on Termux using GitHub, follow the steps below carefully. And after writing each command, you have to wait for the command to be executed.

In the first step, we need to update and upgrade our Termux repository. Just use the command below to refresh the Termux cache. To avoid errors while installing the Metasploit 6 tool.

 apt update -y && apt upgrade -y 


Step 2:- This step is especially important if you don’t want to make mistakes while using the tool. This will add git to termux which will be used when using Metasploit. Once you have that, you can remove the name from the command during installation.

 pkg install git -y 


Step 3:- Enter the dependencies in this tool. This will add curl wget openssh to termux & Linux which will be used while using Metasploit 6. Once you have this you can install the name from the command while installing. and Now we need to install the ncurses utility programming library 

 pkg install wget curl openssh
 apt install ncurses-utils



Step 4:- Copy the command below and paste it into your Termux to download Metasploit. We have completed all the necessary requirements for Metasploit 6. Now run just one command to install Metasploit 6:



Step 5:- Use the command below to make a execute permission for the metasploit install tool file. file readable, compact, and effective permission.

 chmod +x 


Step 6:- Now enter the command and run the Metasploit installer below to use Metasploit.


Note: You need 1GB-2GB space on your device to install this framework.

The download starts as follows:



Metasploit 6 is successfully installed on your device, you can check it using the below command:



Launch Metasploit:-

Step 7:- Now  your open source to Metasploit Framework Tool Folder, If you do not know the basic terms of termux then it is highly recommended

cd metasploit-frameworke 

Now the metasploit framework is successfully installed in your terminal. Now you need to type and run the below command to start the metasploit.


bundle install



Step 8:- Now Metasploit Framework tool Installation Successfully Run Metasploit using these commands. Just type the command below to launch Metasploit, it will take 20-60 seconds to open.


When you open Metasploit you will see some type of logo and it will have an M on it.

I have found that most of the content on the internet is outdated and no longer works. And so I have published this article so that you don’t have to face any installation problems.




How to fix error parsing `Gemfile
Most of the time you may face a Gemfile error while installing the metasploit framework on the termux terminal. The problem arises because we do not have the necessary modules for the terminal. You can easily fix the problem by running the below command. The command usually installs the Gemfile modules and their dependencies into the terminal’s package library.

pkg install gem bundler

How to fix permission-denied content
Another problem you may encounter during installation is the payload permission denied error. The problem arises because the termux api and setup storage is not configured correctly. So you need to run the below commands one by one.

apt install termux-api


And then you can create the Payload.



In this article, we learned how to install Metasploit Framework in Themes. Metasploit has the largest use of its database. A new Exploit has been added to Metasploit as new risks are emerging in systems.

If you read the entire article carefully, you won’t make any mistakes. If you encounter any error while installing Metasploit, you can contact me by commenting below.

In this tutorial, we learned how to install and configure Metasploit Framework on Termux. Metasploit has a large number of exploits in its database. As new vulnerabilities are discovered in systems, a new exploit is added to Metasploit. Now you can easily install Metasploit in termux by thoroughly checking this guide.



Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.

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Run bundle install to install missing gemsلو سمحت حل المشكله دي ايه مع اني نفذت كل الأوامر



While I installing Metasploit 6 or older version I face “Run Bundle Install to Install missing Bundle


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When I use msfconsole command get no such file or directory. Using the command you provided and also typed : msfconsole

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An error occurred while installing nio4r        (2.5.8), and Bundler cannot continue.          Make sure that gem install nio4r -v '2.5.8' --source
succeeds before bundling.


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