Installing GHOST Framework in Termux | No Root

Ghost Framework – In this blog, we will see how you can install GHOST_Framework in Termux and the best part is that it doesn’t need any root access.

Ghost Framework uses ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and gives you remote access to the device. It’s a post-exploitation framework written in python and works only with Android devices.

Ghost_Framework is a post-harvest Android framework that uses the Android Debug Bridge to remotely access Android devices.

What is Ghost Framework?

So it is a tool that provides a consistent connection and acts as a backdoor.Now, for all those who don’t know what ADB is, it’s a feature or command-line tool released by Android to remotely connect and control Android devices, but security thieves can abuse these features to connect hacked devices.

With it, perform tasks that are not suitable for everyday use, such as:

  • Install the app outside of Playstore.
  • It provides access to many features that are hidden.
  • Create a UNIX environment to directly issue commands to the device.


Why Use Ghost Framework (3 Reasons)

1, Very simple and effective user interface

This is simple but easy to understand and quite easy to master.

2. Allows you to bypass and remove passwords

It can be used to remove a password in case someone forgets it.

3. Provides full shell-level access

It can be used to access the device shell without using OpenSSH or any other protocol.



  1. Termux Latest
  2. Python3
  3. pip3


Installation : 

Installation & Setup Install Ubuntu on Android

Open Termux App, Linux & Run all commands step by step

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Step 1:- Update and upgrade Termux, enhances the word Avoid mistakes while installing This Framework Identity by stealing sensitive information.

pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y


Step 2:- First of all, we need to install its dependencies.

pkg install -y python rust
pkg install python3 -y
pkg install python-cryptography -y

This will add Python, pip, and rust to termux to be used when using the GHOST Framework in Termux. Once you have that, you can remove the name from the command during installation.


Step_3:- Now we need to install cryptography, execute the following commands to install it,

export CARGO_BUILD_TARGET=aarch64-linux-android
pip install cryptography --no-binary cryptography


Step_4:- Once done, you can install the tool directly by running by. So let’s start by cloning the Ghost Framework from GitHub using the following command:

pip3 install git+



Step_5:- Now the ghost framework is ready to use in our system, we can run it from anywhere in our terminal with just the ghost command:


The following screenshot shows that the ghost console is on our system and running successfully.


Step_6:- Now we can see the help options of the ghost framework just by running the help command on the console.


Now we can connect it to vulnerable Android devices. Now how do we get the IP address of old vulnerable Android devices? Shodan is here. Shodan is a search tool for finding devices connected to the Internet.



Video :

Coming soon…..


Remote management tools have been a popular tool for accessing devices remotely for the past two decades. Ghost Framework for Android or Windows Download allows you to remotely access any device using the ADB protocol. This is a very stealth framework that has been out for a while, but not much coverage has been done. We’ve also included a Ghost Framework tutorial to help you get started installing and using it.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.

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Josh Onukak

I am having error massage running this export CARGO_BUILD_TARGET=aarch64-linux-android
$ pip install cryptography –no-binary cryptography


Your device 64 bit ?


My pornlem pip install cryptography –no-binary cryptography

Lokesh kumar

check out here.
try this command $ pkg install python-cryptography


Please sir join me please

Sompal Saini

How create a link hack complete mobile in click

Avijit Dolai

Subprocess exit with error problame

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