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Termux 403 Forbidden Error & Under Maintenance Error Fixed ✅

Termux 403 Forbidden Error & Repository Down Or Under Maintenance Error Fixed

Hey Guys! Welcome back to another blog post about Termux. If you’re getting a Termux 403 Forbidden error or your repository is shutting down or undergoing maintenance, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will share a quick and straightforward way to fix these types of errors in your Termux application.
for the past few weeks, whenever you try to use an update or any installation commands, you get a Termux 403 error or a Termux repository with a maintenance error. So today in this post I will show you how you can solve these problems in a few clicks

The repository is under maintenance or down (wrong source. list URL?) is an error caused by termux repositories bintray shutdown. so to solve this problem we need to change the repo to a working mirror.


Termux repository maintenance error:

Sometimes when you try to use any termux command that requires some data from the server, you find that the termux repository is under maintenance error and no matter how many times you restart the termux application, you get the same error. you may also get a 403 (forbidden error).

Why are you getting these types of errors?

You may have noticed that I have never recommended downloading Termux from the PlayStore, be it a Termux tutorial video or a blog post.

As you can see in the image below, Termux available on PlayStore was last updated on September 29, 2020.

For some reason, the Google Play Builds of Termux were no longer updated before I started writing and making videos about Termux. Therefore, like me, you can’t get the latest version of Termux from PlayStore.

Due to the outdated version of Termux available on PlayStore, you may get errors like 403 Forbidden, Storage Not Working, or Maintenance Error.


1. Fixing Termux 403 Forbidden Error :

Very simple! You can solve this problem by uninstalling the outdated Termux and downloading the official and latest version of Termux from other sources than PlayStore.

You can download this app from F-Droid. It is an app store similar to PlayStore.

Download Termux


  • Scroll down and click the Download button to download


  • Once the download is complete, install it

Update and upgrade Termux, update termux, and 403 Forbidden error fixes

apt update 
apt upgrade


IT’S FIXED! Now you won’t get a 403 Forbidden or repository broken or maintenance error.

Fixing Repository Under Maintenance Error :

First, open the termux app and then type the below command and press enter. (you can also copy and paste it from below).

  1. Now you will see a popup, the main repository will automatically be selected and you just need to select the game repository and the science repository by clicking between the square brackets as shown in the image below. After selecting all 3 repositories, just click the OK button.
  2. Now, this is the last part, just switch from the official repository to Mirrors by Griml or A1batross, to switch just select the mirrors by clicking between the brackets as shown in the image below and press OK.
  3. Now. termux will automatically update some things and then all problems will be solved. you can check this by typing pkg update. If you still face the problem after selecting Grimler, you need to change it to A1batross.


Important advice :

I recommend you download F-Droid from the official F-Droid site to stay updated with future updates of Termux.

Also, install all other Termux apps like Termux API and Termux Styling exclusively from F-Droid.



Termux Repository under maintenance is a simple repository problem that you can solve in 3 easy steps, it won’t take more than 30 seconds. in this post I told you to choose grimmer because that’s the repo I’m using but in future, if you face any issue with grimier you can choose other repositories (besides the official one). if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and as always, be ethical.


Hello, I'm SUMAN from India. Learn about the termux app from Beginner to pro, At this Site, you will get all the working termux tools, I am also posting the best Termux GitHub tools.
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